Mobile Truck Mechanic Service for Battery and Starter Fault Diagnosis

Your car’s battery may have died for a variety of reasons, or it may not be starting. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when you are trapped far from home, whether it’s because you forgot to turn off the car lights the previous night or because it is too old and poorly maintained. To get the professional on-site battery and starter diagnostics you need in these circumstances, get in touch with Advance Truck & Trailer Repair. This will help you avoid further issues. You may read more about how my mobile truck mechanic business in Shreveport, LA handles battery diagnostics for cars here.

What We’ll Start With

To determine what you will need to get back on the road, we will first evaluate your needs over the phone. After doing that, we’ll have the equipment and tools ready, such as a battery charger, crescent wrenches, vise pliers, adjustable wrenches, and other instruments, and immediately travel to your location. Upon arrival, we will conduct a thorough fault diagnosis, provide a cost estimate, and start working.

What We Do

We will test your automobile through a number of procedures to determine the nature of the issue and if the car battery needs to be charged, topped off with water, or replaced. Only if your battery is still functional will we use our battery charger. Remember that you should replace your batteries every three to five years. In the event that your vehicle’s battery is worn out, we will carefully unplug it, starting with the negative connector and moving on to the positive terminal while ensuring sure the positive terminal does not come in contact with any metal components. After that, we will install your new battery carefully.

Whether you own a domestic or Asian vehicle, get in touch with my company in Shreveport, LA to schedule a mobile truck mechanic service with us as your expert. We are accessible by appointment and are waiting for your calls at (318) 207-1596, where you may find out more about the services we offer and specifics regarding Advance Truck & Trailer Repair. We anticipate receiving your calls. Call us right away!

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